Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome Back!

Hi google bloggers!

I have been away for almost three (3) years..and I missed this page and this blogging thing a lot. Honestly, I was not on tour. I did not have time to do things other than work even just to open this page. I was so preoccupied with work-paperworks, preparing powerpoint presentations for my classes. At the end of the day, watching tv and eating at home sometimes made me forget the bad things and the worse things happened at work. After watching the favorite tv series, had to pick out the papers I brought from the office and open the laptop to check the unfinished work. Whether you like it or not, work must be done before the next day comes, or more time for tv series the following day.

Surprisingly, I got fascinated on photo editing just recently. I tried editing my photos, and so far..not so good..(lol)! I am thinking of editing the old photos. These photos were taken from different places that I visited around the Philippines.

I will see you all soon. Have a good day always