Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forest Park Resort, Bacolod City

Forest park giant pool in Bacolod City
           Hello guys, how are you all doing? After two years of hybernating, I have gathered few pictures from a nice and relaxing resort known as Forest Park Resort in the city of smiles, Bacolod City! The photo above shows the largest pool and a big pink flower at the center of it. In the resort, there is a mini zoo where you can find various beautiful species that can be found everywhere in Negros Occidental.

white parrot in the Forest Park in Bacolod City
A white big parrot hiding inside the cage watching over the people coming in and out of the resort.

sleepy parrot in the Forest Park in Bacolod City
A sleeping parrot in the middle of the day in a standing position. He seemed not disturbed of the fun-filled environment while people were busy taking pictures with him.

peacock in the Forest Park in Bacolod City 
A show-off peacock displaying all of his colorful feathers to attract peahen, who did not seem to notice him at that time. On the other hand, he attracted people, including me who struggled to take a nice angle of him.

colorful parrot in the Forest Park in Bacolod City

A shy, yellow and long-tailed parrot is hiding right below the cage's roof. I think this bird did not want to be disturbed or maybe this bird just did not talk at all at the moment. Peace, friend!
If you want to stay in a big cottage, just simply cross this wooden bridge and you have plenty of big cottages to choose from. A long, cold river-like pool is right in front of the cottages.  This is a good place to visit while you are on vacation, just in Bacolod City.

Forest Park
A wooden bridge that will take you to the other big cottages that fit for big gatherings with friends and family members. On the bridge is where you can see the long and narrow swimming pool for children.

wishing well in the Forest Park in Bacolod City

My boyfriend loved to play around with the park's well. Other people were so curious on how deep the well was, but it wasn't that deep I guess. Some just tried to throw some coins and made some wishes..I did not have any idea why they did that.

heron in the forest park in Bacolod City

long swimming pool in the Forest Park in Bacolod City
           A clear and nice photo was taken by my boyfriend while he was on the wooden bridge. A long and narrow pool where children were enjoying along with their yayas and some family members.

Obviously, there are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines that are yet to be discovered. More photos to upload next time! God bless and have a nice day always!


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