Saturday, October 20, 2012

Destiation Vacation: Disneyland, Hong Kong

Destination Vacation: Disneyland, Hong Kong

Disneyland ticket

                Everyone was so excited early in the morning to get into the bus to see Disneyland for the first time. We have the whole day to enjoy all the rides and take pictures inside the very famous theme park in the city. As soon as we arrived at the theme park, everyone was busy taking pictures of themselves with everything that we found amazing.
            I admit, the excitement we felt was so intense maybe because this is Disneyland, our dream theme park. The music was loud and very audible a few meters away from the main entrance which made everyone feel they are approaching the fantasyland. Well of course, as we approached the main entrance I had my travel companions take a photo of myself at almost every spot in the area.

strike a pose with Mickey's frame outside the main entrance

behind me is Mickey Mouse on the water-breathing whale

with the Indian statue at the main highway inside Disneyland

the free ride within Disneyland

behind me is Cinderella's Castle

                   This main highway leads straight to Cinderella's Castle, as the main entrance to the fantasyland. Well, the journey does not start here. because there are three (3) main areas you should visit, namely Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Adventure Land. On the right of Fantasy Land is the Tomorrow Land and on the left is the Adventure Land. While most of the family members opted to go to Fantasy Land first, I decided to go to the Tomorrow Land instead. Along the way, I can not help myself but visit some of the boutiques that are selling most of the souvenir items of the famous Disneyland characters. Even in the jewelry shops, the designs are mostly of the cartoon characters. 
               In Fantasy Land, you can find the famous Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, and the other Disney princes and princesses. In Tomorrow Land, the famous futuristic type characters in the Toy Story Movies are here, and in the Adventure Land, you can find Jack Sparrow, Tarzan and his tree house and etc. So, get your feet on the ground and let's tour!

Welcome to Tomorrow Land

Tomorrow Land main entrance
a rocket and astronaut suits

flying saucer

Welcome to Adventure Land

Adventure Land main entrance

with Jack Sparrow

a small barge to cross to Tarzan's treehouse

Tarzan's treehouse

the growling tiger, Shere Khan

the crying baby Tarzan inside the wooden crib

the Ape foster mother of Tarzan, Kala

inside Tarzan's room

           Grizzly Gulch is the relatively new area in the Adventure Land. This was built just the summer of this year. In here, the structures and buildings, etc. are influenced by the Western style. From the main entrance I can see the Runaway mine cars and I can hear the shout of excitement and thrill by everyone in the ride. And I can not wait to line up and try the ride!!

Runaway Mine Cars Ride

Runaway Mine Cars ride

Chip 'n Dale

a restaurant at Adventure Land where we had lunch

my lunch worth HK$75
500 mL coke worth HK$24

a coffee house at the Adventure Land

Welcome to the Fantasy Land and Toy Story land

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop ride

Tinker bell

Pinoy performers

Inside Cinderella Ballroom, a restaurant at Fantasy Land

Mickey Mouse on display

Minnie Mouse on display

Donald Duck on display

The day ended without me getting a picture of my ever favorite, Donald Duck. Nonetheless, our one-day stroll simply brought us back to our childhood days. Luckily, we stayed even until 7 o'clock in the evening to see the highlight of the day, the fireworks at Cinderella's Castle. Indeed, it was worth the wait! The fireworks were an extremely awesome and jaw-dropping experience for all of us. It was the most extravagant and mind-blowing fireworks show we ever had!


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