Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dumaguete City

nuns of St. Paul statue in Dumaguete City
       Last December, 2006, friends and I had a vacation at Dumaguete City. I and my colleagues were very fascinated with the city since it is our first time to visit the place. We didn’t mind the heavy rain on that day while we were on the city. Honestly, there was typhoon, yet we enjoyed eating ice cream. Our bus stopped in front of the statue of the nuns from St. Paul where we decided to buy two (2) kinds of cakes at cake house nearby. 

We stayed at Sta. Monica Resort, a very nice and pleasurable place where every visitor can relax. I took these photos right after out dinner at exactly 6 in the evening. However, I’m not a good photographer though,  I forgot to adjust the flash of my camera. Hope you can still see the pool.  We stayed at a very nice comfortable cottage shown (left) below facing the pool (right).

Sta.Monica Resort in Dumaguete City Sta. Monica Resort in Dumaguete City
       We also visited Siliman University, one of the oldest universities in the country. Since, it was semestral break we were not able to visit their offices and laboratories.

I'm sorry guys if you don't find this page interesting. This is my first trial here.

I promise to give more pictures and nice scenes which are only found only in the Philippines.God bless!