Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Starbucks Refresher Drink

Starbucks Free Refresher Drink               Starbucks Refresher Drinks

            Most of our available time is spent here in Starbucks Coffee at Lacson St., Bacolod City. This has been my favorite place to have a hot cup of decaffeinated coffee mocha during my leisure time at least twice a week. As a result, two of us were given this special coupon. It's all about their limited offer from July 31 to August 12, a buy one, get one Starbucks refresher beverage for lucky individuals. Well, I am not into iced non-coffee based drinks but this time, I truly wanted to try and enjoy the special privilege.
Starbucks Free Refresher Drink
Starbucks Free Refresher Drink
           Since we got the chance to grab two (2) coupons, we claimed them one at a time so we could still visit Starbucks more often than usual.
      There are only two types of refresher beverages for such offer. Shown in the photo from left to right, Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime, respectively.
           For the Cool Lime, it has a large slice of fresh green lime in it to add some fruity zest. And as for the Very Berry Hibiscus, there are tiny fresh berries in it to match the red color of the drink and bring on the original sweetness of the berries.
       Starbucks has various innovations when it comes to drinks to keep people coming back. These ones are really good beverages that are fitting for the hot and sunny days.
           More stories to tell and pictures to share next time. God bless, everyone!
        Truly, more fun in the Philippines!


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