Saturday, August 25, 2012

Surprise Birthday Lunch

Surprise Birthday LunchSurprise Birthday Lunch at the School

         It was July 25, a day with morning and afternoon classes, papers needed to be returned, and deadlines to be done before the day ends. This was no special day for anyone else in the office with deadlines to catch and classes to meet. As for me, I have to find time with friends in the college because today is my birthday. Actually I already asked them to have lunch with me a week ago so they could save the date. We even decided the particular foods to buy just for a lunch enough for us.
               Well, hours before lunch time when I asked my friends to buy some additional foods or drinks for the lunch and they told me we had enough already. However, while I was in the office I never knew my friends were busy preparing something I did not know, a big surprise lunch!

Surprise Birthday Lunch
Surprise Birthday Lunch
         My friends and at the same time colleagues were very busy preparing the foods to make sure everything will be in place just before the celebrant arrives. While some of them were patiently waiting for the 12 noon to strike to get out of the office. And some of them arrived right before lunch time and were already hungry. Sir Quimba and Sir Edgar were busy chatting while waiting for me to come.

Sir Edgar and Daddy Quimbs
Surprise Birthday Lunch
The foods
        It was lunch time, at last! I Have to take my lunch in less than 30 minutes because I have a class at 12:30. To my surprise, I was literally surprised! I did not know they prepared more foods, my favorite cake and dazzling balloons for me. My boyfriend, David, surprised me also because I remembered he told me the other day that he will be busy for my birthday.

me,got surprised!

Eating Time

Surprise Birthday Lunch
            We had pork barbeque, lumpia shanghai, bam-i, and spaghetti. For desserts, we also had my favorite Baba cake, an irresistible chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. What I like most here was the cake with my pictures posted on top of it.
                Without further ado, we started grabbing some plates, spoons and forks for we were all hungry. While others were enjoying and taking some photos on themselves while eating.

Surprise Birthday Lunch
myself on the chocolate cake

with Sir Edgar and Rendell

Surprise Birthday Lunch
the ladies behind the celebration, from left to right: Nica, En-en, April, Jennibeth

Lyndon and Sir Felix

Sir Edgar grabbing a barbeque

Surprise Birthday Lunch
with David
              'Twas no ordinary day for me, a day that I always look forward every year. Luckily, it was even made more special by my dear friends in the college by not only preparing the delicious foods. But, it was a day to start another year with nice people around with endless laughter, bright smiles and strong bond of camaraderie and friendship. This surely one of the treasured memories worth keeping. I love you, guys!
                More stories to tell and pictures to share next time, God bless!
                      Truly more fun in the Philippines!


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