Saturday, September 29, 2012

Destination Vacation: Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre

Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre

              It was mid-afternoon when we visited the Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center. This is just located at the right side of the main entrance of the amusement park. Actually, there was no important event occurring when we came in. We just simply roamed around and captured every thing that we found interesting both inside and outside of the convention center. Visitors at that time were only allowed to stroll around the ground floor of the convention center. The exit leads us to some areas of the Fisherman's wharf.
Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center
Convention Center's lobby
Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center
In front of the Convention Center

Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center
the boat vessel in front of the Convention Center

Inside the Convention Center

Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center
           There is not much to see at the ground floor of the convention center. At the very front of the main door is the giant decoration attached to the wall. At each side are large human statues in different positions. The other human figure seems to carry the ceiling and is surrounded with tarpaulins. Although I did not understand anything written in the tarpaulins but maybe it is all about advertising the convention center and some important events held here. While the giant statue looks like a soldier, armed with a sword and in complete battle gear. 
         The walls and the ceilings have the same design and color. The color of the design is sky blue with some irregular shapes of which the outlines are emphasized with a darker shade.

Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center
Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center

More pictures to share and stories to tell on my next post regarding my vacation!


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