Friday, September 21, 2012

PICS Convention at Business Inn

Business Inn
Business Inn main door
Philippine Instrumentation and Controls System Convention (PICS), Business Inn, Bacolod City

            The latest annual PICS convention dated last July 19 - 20, 2012 was held at Business Inn, Bacolod City. Business Inn was chosen to be the venue for the said convention because of the large numbers of participants who confirmed to join the said event. This was my opportunity to roam around the hotel and capture some photos of both the participants and the venue.
           Honestly, this is my second time to visit the hotel. I came here an hour earlier just to have some ample time to take pictures inside the venue despite of the bad weather. Below are the photos of some of the areas in the ground floor. Honestly, I could not get up to the second floor due to some policies imposed by the hotel.
The Inside of Business Inn

Business Inn
The reception area

Business Inn
some Pasalubong items near the main door

main stairs going up the second floor

Business Inn
the coffee shop and restaurant at the left side of the entrance

the coffee shop and restaurant

the small path going to the venue of the convention

Hall B, our venue

The PICS Convention
The stage

having morning snacks while waiting for the convention to start

Some of the products displayed inside the Hall B

         Here are some of the available products displayed inside the Hall B together with the dealers. They can even show you a demonstration for a specific application of their products and they also provide business card for inquiries. Most of the product dealers were also our guest speakers.

Snacks and Lunch

Business Inn
Morning snacks
            Foods always provide a great role to play in a convention. On the first day, the morning snacks were served on our table, a plate of two (2) cold bread and bihon topped with thin slices of scrambled egg and a slice of calamansi to taste. A glass of iced tea was served, however it can not be converted or replaced with a soda because I do not like iced tea. Although 3-in-1 coffee and native coffee were readily available for the entire convention. For lunch we had a cup of steamed rice, beef, fish, macaroni, fresh vegetable salad with mango dressing, and brazo de mercedes for dessert with a glass of cold soda. And in the afternoon, we had chocolate brownie and two (2) cheese puto with iced tea.

Business Inn
vegetable salad with mango dressing

Business Inn
our main entree

Business Inn
brazo de mercedes for dessert

Business Inn
our afternoon snacks

Business Inn
morning snacks
             On our second day, other than hot coffee prepared every morning we also had tuna sandwiches topped with pickle and a glass of iced tea. Honestly speaking, food energizes me everyday and without it, I can hardly work on things especially in an event like this. As for our lunch, we had pasta, embutido and fish fillet with steamed rice, potato salad, and black sambo for dessert paired with cold soda. I liked the fish fillet because it was kinda of sweet and sour. Then in the afternoon, our snacks was meat pao with iced tea.

Business Inn
lunch on the second day

Business Inn
potato salad

Business Inn
black sambo

meat pao

         Finally, the dinner for the last day of convention is finally here. This was not just an ordinary dinner but this was made special because it was cocktail!
          Certainly a dinner will never be complete without the crispy lechon laid on the table. I immediately grabbed a small piece of the crispy lechon skin to be paired with a cold, this is absolutely a good evening to meet new acquaintances with participants outside the region. There were a plenty of delicacies to choose from during that night.

Business Inn

Business Inn
my dinner
       For the overall rating. the convention was superb! I even won a major prize on that night, some new equipment were introduced, and best of all, we gained new friends from other places and meet new faces in the convention. Hopefully, I could join the next year's convention.
          More pictures to share and stories to tell next time, God bless!
      Truly, more fun in the Philippines!


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