Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wara Wara

Wara Wara restaurant
The Korean owner of Wara Wara
    A Family Dinner at Wara Wara
Wara Wara Restaurant     Wara Wara is a relatively new Korean restuarant in the city at Central City Walk, Robinsons Place. This is also one of the famous Korean restaurants in the city that provides two ways to cook your own foods, namely Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku. The Shabu Shabu area is for those who love to cook soup, while to those who enjoy grilling their foods must proceed to the Yakiniku area. As we entered the restaurant, I noticed a Korean owner (shown in the photo) personally assist some of the hungry customers who are quite confused on what foods and appropriate ingredients for grilling or for the soup.
     The Shabu Shabu area has tables with a large stove in it. You can cook your ingredients at your own desired taste and style. As for Yakiniku, each  table has a grilling apparatus where you can have your meat grilled either medium rare or well done.
     At the right side of the entrance of Wara Wara is the array of various ingredients for grilling and soup which include the beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, spices and sauces. At the opposite side is the display of different types of kimbap, salads for desserts, plain rice and fried rice.        
Wara Wara Restaurant
Left to Right column: pork, chicken and beef 
The foods

        There are plenty of thin slices of meat to choose from, such as shown in the photo. For the pork and beef, there are plain, marinated and spicy. As for the chicken, there are only marinated and spicy.
      Since I decided to have a Yakiniku dinner, I got spicy pork and marinated beef. I also gathered some squid balls, fish balls and young corn for grilling. As for the sauce, I opted for a soy sauce with small amount of chopped hot chili pepper. I also got myself a half plate of fried rice and a two (2) kinds each of kimbap. See? I was not that hungry though.

Wara Wara Restaurant
balls, vegetables and shrimp

Wara Wara Restaurant
different sauces

Wara Wara Restaurant
different kinds of sushi
Wara Wara Restaurant
salads for desserts
       For me, all kinds of kimbap which are displayed here are all good and fresh. On the same table at the other end, are the salads. They have, buko pandan, fresh vegetable, macaroni salad and fruit salad. Although I did not try any of the salads, but I'm pretty sure they are all good because almost all of the customers here completed their meals with sweet desserts.

Wara Wara Restaurant
The crew assisted the customers at Shabu Shabu

Wara Wara Restaurant
At our Yakiniku table, starting to grill the meat

my appetizers (kimbap and fried rice) while grilling the meat

     The All You Can Eat promo is more expensive on weekdays because they provide more food and ingredients to choose from. For me, the P380 promo was more than enough and cheap. In fact, I was not able to try their salads because I was already satisfied.
     In general, we all left with filled tummies and a great smile as signs of satisfaction. Korean foods are indeed similar to ours but in here, it is the way of cooking that makes things unique and fun. For us who opted for Yakiniku, we disregarded the hungry sound of our stomachs because we were overwhelmed by the excitement of grilling our foods and the taste of our output made with patience.
     In the end, it does not matter the type of delicacies and the place but it is the time spent with family and friends that makes a simple dinner worthwhile and the endless stories and laughter shared over the table.
             More stories to tell and pictures to share next time! God bless, everyone!
                 Truly, more fun in the Philippines!


Ca_Ne said...

Hi ms jariol... mayo may blog ka bout bacolod foods.. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. I'd like to know how much is the shabu shabu, is it per item? Is it part of eayc? Thanks.. Say we're a group of 7

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