Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gelato Break at Kuppa Coffee & Tea, SM, Bacolod City

kuppa coffee and tea               We had a busy afternoon  at SM, Bacolod City. We paid some bills and bought some personal things in the grocery store. We even passed by some of the boutiques and tried to peep in if there was anything on sale. We noticed most of the boutiques were on sale that day but I was not so lucky to see a new pair of shoes and bag because the particular style I want was literally out of stock for the moment. After a few hours of walking around and window shopping, our feet started to ache, so we chose Kuppa Coffee & Tea to give ourselves a short break.
kuppa coffee and tea
             Despite the very tempting aroma of hot coffee and sweet scent of tea, we preferred to get ourselves a sweet and cold gelato at that time. It was almost three o'clock in the afternoon and the people started to arrive at the mall and the kids started to multiply in numbers maybe because it was weekend. 
            After a few minutes of choosing I had a particular flavor in mind for myself. I ordered the very delicious stracciatella, while my boyfriend was so curious to try the choco mint.

kuppa coffee and tea
Choco mint gelato

kuppa coffee and tea
kuppa coffee and tea
courtesy of Engr. David James Luke Tagamolila
       This sweet photo was taken by DJL Tagamolila. My boyfriend got fascinated with the appetizing appearance of stracciatella. Before I lifted a spoon, and before it melted he immediately grabbed the camera and made a nice photo of the gelato.
         We had indeed a relaxing afternoon at Kuppa Coffee & Tea with very affordable gelato which all in all it cost us less than P200. A delectable gelato with various flavors and an Italian twist are all prepared and readily served here in Bacolod City.
                 More pictures to share and stories to confess next time!

                     Truly more fun in the Philippines! God bless!


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