Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Organic Overload at Fresh Start

Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
            Fresh Start at Central City Walk, Robinsons Place, Bacolod City

     It's now time to go green and healthy! A lot of health conscious individuals come over here at Fresh Start to try not only the vegetables and fruits but also the organic chicken served in delightful style with green leaves and fresh sauce. As for us, gradual transformation into being a vegetarian is not that hard to do anyway. Organic meat is also tasty aside from being a healthy food.
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place     As we entered Fresh Start the scent of strong  and fresh herbs was the first thing we noticed.  They do not have much various food options to choose from, so I guess that was one of the reasons why the menu was written on the wall or blackboard at the cashier's space. Homemade piayas are displayed at the cashier's area at very very low price. I did try their piaya because most of the people I know assured me that it has a unique, rich filling and one of the best in town.

Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place

Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
organic products
     Other than the tables and chairs inside, the walls are covered with organic products, such as coffee beans, rice, soaps, oils, spices, not to mention real vegetables and fruits.  These are definitely for sale.
     While waiting for our order to be served, I noticed then that most of the customers are young adults and even students. This simply means that organic foods are also pleasant and lenient to the young palates.

Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
organic soaps and oils
     At last, our foods were finally delivered to our table. I ordered chicken burrito with a guayabano smoothie. The burrito did not only contain chicken, but it was also stuffed with fresh vegetables and with some fruity sauce drizzled on its contents. As for the smoothie, it is indeed rich with guyabano with honey in it. I was not sure if there were other ingredients placed in it, but I do like it a lot. My boyfriend ordered a large vegetable burger with fresh green salad on the side. As for the burger, it tasted like real meat, and was really succulent.
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
vegetable burger with organic salad on the side
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
four seasons juice
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
piyaya with malunggay smoothie
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
organic chicken quesadilla
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
vegetable quesadilla
Fresh Start, Central City Walk, Robinsons Place
organic chicken burrito
    The green malunggay smoothie was exceptional. I can surely taste the malunggay, honey and pineapple maybe in it without getting the bitter taste and strong odor of malunggay. The four seasons juice was very good as well because it was not so sweet. In general, I am 100% sure that there was no sugar in the smoothies and juices, which I can refer to some of my health conscious friends.
     As for the quesadillas, there are two options, chicken and vegetable. Well, we wanted to try both, so we ordered them both. The tortillas were crispy and rich with filling and cheese. The sauce was abundant with tomatoes and other spices but not overpowering. Happily, we were fully satisfied as if we consumed real meat and plenty of rice. Admittedly, it was kind of hard to think that vegetables are not the type of food we always have every meal. On the other hand, we were contented and fascinated to the point that we plan to come back soon for more veggies meal and drinks. Healthy foods are quite addicting and I'm loving them!
                            More stories to tell and pictures to share next time, God bless!
                            Truly, more fun in the Philippines!


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