Monday, July 30, 2012

Milk + Tea Station at Balay Quince

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
Balay Quince building
           Milk + Tea Station at Balay Quince, Bacolod City

           It was a fine sunny Saturday afternoon that made us decide to look for some refreshment before going home. Since we were already driving along Lacson St., it was better to stay at any of the famous dessert and coffee shops along the area. Until finally, we parked the car in front of Balay Quince and was able to catch the vivid photo of the colorful rainbow above the building.
        Balay Quince is one of our favorite stopovers along the business district. We agreed to go to Milk + Tea Station for some cold and refreshing milk teas with various enchanting flavors mixed with your favorite flavored jellies. Milk + Tea Station is located at the second (2nd) floor of the building where people from all walks of life come here to savor the healthy and famous milk teas in town. In addition, Milk + Tea Station also offers hot coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, etc.

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
The sign hanging inside near the door

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
The sign fixed above the door

The inside of Milk + Tea Station

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
         The inside of Milk + Tea Station is quite petite in size in terms of floor area, yet very cozy and relaxing. There are only four (4) tables inside and two (2) tables outside. It can basically accommodate a small group, that is why most of the time we come here, especially after dinner, the place was fully occupied.
            The menu is framed and hung on the wall at the side of the cashier's area, shown on the right photo. There are plenty of options under milk tea, tea smoothies, brewed tea (hot and cold), fruit tea, yakult and iced beverage. At the bottom of the menu list are the jelly toppings a customer may prefer to mix with the milk tea. Likewise, you have the option for a sweetness of REGULAR or LIGHT for your milk tea.
                As for the interior aesthetics, the furniture are very colorful. The apple green-colored shelves blend with the antiques and vintage collections arranged in the shelves, shown on the photo below.

Milk Tea, Balay Quince

The cashier's area

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
The telephone replica

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
almond milk tea with coffee jelly
Milk Tea, Balay Quince
honey milk tea with pudding

              Every time we come here for drinks we already know what to buy. My personal favorites are almond milk tea, chocolate milk tea and classic milk tea. My favorite jelly toppings are coffee jellies which go well with any of my three (3) favorite milk tea flavors. My other favorite jelly toppings are pearls for my chocolate or almond milk tea. Black gulaman jelly toppings are also good for my almond milk tea. My boyfriend has his personal favorites as well. He loves the honey milk tea, wintermelon milk tea and strawberry milk tea. His favorite jelly toppings are pudding, coffee jelly, nata and rainbow jelly.

      On the left photo shows the strawberry milk tea (left) and the classic milk tea (right). I would rather have the LIGHT sweetness for any of my milk tea every time I come here.
        On the right photo is me showing my favorite classic milk tea.
       The photo below shows the honey milk tea (left) and almond milk tea (right).
        Furthermore, Milk + Tea Station is giving out a LOYALTEA CARD for customers. A free drink will be given for every 10 drinks bought within two (2) months. Well, we are about to get our second free drink before this month ends.

Milk Tea, Balay Quince
            I must admit, I did not have the guts to try any milk teas before because I do prefer coffee over tea. But these ones are different. They taste just right for me, and the jelly toppings make it even taste better. Nonetheless, I so love the LIGHT sweetness on any of my milk tea drinks, and this is what delights me every time we visit here.
              Needless to say, this is a great place to loosen up and take time out with my preferred milk teas at the heart of the business district in the City.

More pictures to share and stories to tell next time!   Until next time, God bless!
        Truly, more fun in the Philippines!


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