Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heavy Dinner at Chikaan, Central City Walk

Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City                Heavy Dinner at Chikaan

     The Central City Walk of Robinsons Place, Bacolod City is relatively new in the city. There are a number of restaurants, boutiques, cakes and coffee shops, etc. outside the mall where people love to have a lazy walk during the weekend and also right after office hours. Although Robinson's Place mall is one of the best malls where we could shop our basic necessities and latest fashion trends, but with the new City Walk most people would prefer to hang around here for food. There are various category of restaurants to choose from, such as Mexican, Filipino, Korean, Thai, etc.
       For us, we opted to have a meaty dinner with a Filipino twist at Chikaan. Every time we come here at Central City Walk most of the restaurants, including Chikaan are already full and tables are reserved, that was why we hurried up to come here a little bit earlier than dinner time.

Inside Chikaan

Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod CityChikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City         We waited almost twenty (20) minutes for all of our food to be delivered to the table. Since we were very hungry and craved for a meaty dinner, we ordered grilled chorizo, Bicol express (which is Cebuano style according to the waitress), their new food on the menu which is pork chops with mushroom (actually, I forgot the real name of the course) and of course the unlimited steamed rice. The four (4) sticks grilled chorizo were really large, delicious and succulent. While the Cebuano style Bicol express is served with more finely chopped string beans, less meat, yet very spicy thick sauce. As for the new meal, it was very good served with two (2) big slices of pork with mushroom in a sweet, thick sauce.
      We also noticed the uniform of the female service crew that is very well in-tuned to the type of foods they serve here, Filipino style. This is one of the restaurants that serves the best Lutong Bahay delicacies in town with very affordable prices not to mention the unlimited steamed rice.                           

Eating time

        Finally, the foods were all served right on our table! We were so convinced that we can finish all of these in less than an hour. Likewise, we were so definite that we can consume at least two (2) bowls of steamed rice without any left overs of the three main entrees we had.

Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City
unlimited steamed rice

Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City
bicol express

Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City
pork chops with mushroom
Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City
grilled chorizo
Chikaan restaurant, Central City walk, Bacolod City

                 Opposite to our expectations, we were not able to finish the foods in less than an hour. Instead, we could hardly consume them all in almost two (2) hours. As a matter of fact, we took home a slice of pork and half of the Bicol express. In general, the food servings were large enough for two (2) hungry people at a very low price. Nonetheless, we left with happy tummies and were  deliciously contented in terms of the weight of our cravings at that time. Sometimes, no matter how many kinds of special cuisines we have tried and how tasteful they are especially if these are foreign courses, a day will never be complete without having a Lutong Bahay in one of our heavy meals.
                      More stories to tell and pictures to share next time! God bless!
                       Truly, more fun in the Philippines!


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