Friday, May 11, 2012

Granada Eco Park, Bacolod City

USLS Summer Splash, May 4, 2012

         Summer splash is a main activity every summer that every student has been waiting for. This used to be held at the beach somewhere in the north and south of the province. But last year and this year, summer splash was held at Granada Eco Park in Granada, Bacolod City.  On that day, the park was exclusive only for USLS.
              Students arrived in the park earlier than we did. As we arrived, the Amazing Race game had just started.

Granada Eco Park, Bacolod City
After 15 minutes of taking pictures of the students and every one in there, the Pool Volleyball game started at the left pool. The participants were composed of teams from different departments of different colleges. Since it was a sizzling hot summer day, I can not stay longer to watch the game so, I decided to go around the park. One thing I noticed, the park has a number of trees everywhere that somehow lessen the hot weather.

On the left photo is the Cafe Vente where foods and drinks are available. Shown at the right photo are the restrooms. At first I thought these are cottages, but then I learned that the right cottage is a male restrooms and female restroom is the left one.

On the left is the big concrete hall and those were the engineering students making barbeques and preparing for their lunch. On the right is a big wooden cottage where faculty members and staff were assigned to stay and wait for their lunch.

This was where my colleagues and me stayed while waiting for our lunch and munching some homemade sandwiches and drinking cold softdrinks. My hunger got intense when I saw the three (3) lechons and kinilaw at the other cottage..yummy!
Some students brought themselves a tent

The decoration of the stage was made appropriate to the event's theme The Lost Tribes: Legends Untold. Every students were looking forward to the upcoming main event which was the fashion show of every male and female representatives of each colleges. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the show. As far as I can remember, the engineering representatives were named Eng-kantos.

Wooden benches are everywhere at the park
The children's playground area

Granada Eco Park, Bacolod City
I was not able to come closer to that small cottage because it was raining already and I need to go back to the vehicle before me and my camera get soaking wet. Anyway, you need to go up to that cottage if you want to go to the hanging bridge. In addition, the park has butterfly garden and also sells some plants and orchids. How I wish I was able to take still photos of the butterflies.

Despite of the searing heat of the sun in the morning and the sudden heavy rain right after lunch, the program and activities must continue simply because no one wanted to miss the fun. I, in the first place, this is my first time to be in Granada Eco Park. I do admire their simple and child-like idea of preserving nature, and getting closer to Mother Earth once again, at least for a day. Well, fun is not always obtainable in the bar, restaurants and night life events. In here, we can have fun with a grasp of clean air, and under stress environment for awhile.

It was another diverting summer experience in Bacolod City.

Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


gian said...

how to get there from lacson st.?

gian said...

how to get there from lacson st.?

santiaga said...

For public transportation, just go to Burgos market where there are rows of Alangilan jeepneys because these pass by the Granada eco Park, just tell the driver so he could drop you off to the park's main gate. Hope this helps, God bless!

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