Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trappist Monastic Products

public market in GuimarasSummer is here again!! My friends and I went to Guimaras Province particularly in Guisi Clearwater Resort at Dolores, Nueva Valencia last April, 2012. We stopped at San Miguel Public Market in Jordan to buy some food and drinks to be consumed for the entire stay in Guisi Resort. After 30 minutes of shopping, we went back to the jeepney to head straight to the famous Trappist Monastic Food Products a.k.a Trappist.

Trappist main door
To visit Trappist was part of the itinerary, because a dear friend of mine promised to meet a Monk who recently manages the Trappist. While at Trappist, everyone was busy taking pictures. For most of us, it was our first time to be here. We were told that they have the best mango jam in the country. We were served with a plate of freshly baked mango otap and also mango bars. Trappist is one of the best distributors of mango jam, mango otap, mango bars, mango cakes, mango biscocho, etc in the province. In addition, they export their products as well. The photo on the right was taken outside the main door of Trappist.

These photos were taken inside Trappist. On the left, shows their famous products, and on the right shows the living room of Trappist.

A piano inside Trappist is placed at the right corner of the living room. Two of my friends were excited to try it even if they knew they do not know how to play the instrument. Maybe, they just wanted to take a photo of themselves with it...hehehe 

Below is the photo of Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery. According to the history, the monastery was founded in 1972. The Monks take a vow of stability and their  primarily livelihood includes agriculture. In addition, this is the only male monastery in the Philippines under the Cistercian order.

Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery
Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery

 On the left is the cottage across the Monastery. People go there to list down their wishes and prayers. A Monk was there who blessed us for a safe trip and God's guidance. On the right is the path leading to the Trappist Gift Shop.

Trappist Gift Shop in Guimaras
Trappist Gift Shop
Inside the Gift Shop are the Trappist products including the Holy Rosary, the Scapulars, and Stampita aside from their food products.

I salute all the Monks who make a positive huge contributions in terms of the economical aspect of the province. They provide jobs to the people and because of their famous products, they even invite tourists to their place as well.

Wow, we absolutely appreciated the kindness of the Monks. It's no doubt, God bless them and provide them with everything.

Indeed, it was an informative day for us while on vacation. Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


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