Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guisi Clearwater Resort, Guimaras Province

         Welcome to Guisi Clearwater Resort!

Guisi Clearwater Resort entrance
It was the first time for all of us to be here. We arrived around 11 noon at the resort. Their main pathway from the highway going down to the resort was a struggle for us. The small concrete paths are not that safe due to the stones and soils which are scattered everywhere. I observed from there that it was not properly maintained. However, we still looked forward for an exciting summer vacation.

the nice monkey at Guisi Clearwater
Somewhere near the grilling area resides this neat and clean monkey. He was just looking around at the visitors coming in and out of the cottages and taking pictures of him. On the right photo shows the monkey's caretaker  giving him a bottle of mineral water.

ruined cottage by the sea
At the rightmost corner of the resort
A child coming out from the water under the simmering sun
Me at sundown
hotel lobby at Guisi clearwater
This is the lobby of our cottage. In here, all rooms are air conditioned. Our room was the second door at the right, and has two single beds. Since there were four (4) of us that will occupy the room, we needed to share the small bed. I guessed the air condition is centralized in this cottage because we needed to go down to the caretaker and asked her to turn it ON or OFF. Outside are the restrooms. Unfortunately, the shower inside the ladies' restroom is not working. So we need to go to our friends' cottage to take a bath in theirs. Again, I can say that this resort was not properly maintained.

Guisi clearwtaer
This is the view you can get from the stairs of our lobby. You can see directly the cottages just right above the sea shore.

Guisi clearwater resort in Guimaras
On the left, this path leads you to the only retail store in the resort. That cottage is not only a retail store but also offers videoke at night and has one big billiard table. On the right, this path leads you straight directly to our friends' cottage (the uppermost cottage) and at the right is our lobby.

array of cottages by the sea
This is an array of cottages in the resort. These are for visitors who just plan to enjoy the resort for a few hours. This photo was taken from the shore.

On our second day at the resort, we were scheduled for an island hopping from 7 am to 10 am. Shown on the left photo was our pump boat waiting for us to explore some islands in the province. Posted below are the photos taken during the island exploration.

The photo on the left shows the obvious rock erosion on the surface of the big mountain, or should I say rock. On the right photo, it seemed to me a big compilation of big and heavy rocks.

On these two photos, this was the first white island we encountered. It was small, although there were people occupying the island when we got there.

These rocks are at the front of the small white island mentioned and shown above.

Moving on, we encountered a very small cave, shown at the right photo. On the left photo, another rock formation just right beside the small cave.

We passed by another cave. This time is a bit larger than the first one. However, it can only accommodate one person at a time.

giant rock on the rock
Another giant rock which looked like it fell from the sky. I guess, this rock is already there for a long time because there are trees and bushes on it. It was quite fascinating to see a rock unintentionally placed on top of other rocks.

Then, we visited SEAFDEC Marine Reserve also in Guimaras at Brgy. Igang. However, my SEAFDEC experiences and photos are on a separate post, you can scan it now.

These were some of the giant lone rocks in the middle of the sea.                       

small cottage in the middle of the seaShown on the left photo is a portion of the sea connected to a river and was also the deepest part so far we have gone with depth not less than 50 feet. On the right was a small cottage surrounded with bamboo cages supported by empty barrels.

On the left is another white island but was not commercially opened, I guess. On the right, a white island where we stayed for an hour to swim and we were astonished by its soft and powdery white sand.

Going back to our resort, we passed by these massive giant rocks. On the right, we noticed the unique trace of water erosion on its surface. The water was very clear that you can clearly see the rocks underneath, yet its depth is not less than 10 feet.

Finally, we're back! You know why? A good friend of mine told us that his landmark as basis that we're almost at the resort was this lighthouse. See the roof of the old brown lighthouse? The Guisi Clearwater resort was just right next to that mountain...yehey!! Lunch time!!

Guisi clearwater resortGuisi clearwater resort
Finally, we're here! We're back in Guisi Clearwater Resort. I assumed everyone was already hungry. We bought four (4) kilograms of Pompano fish from SEAFDEC for lunch. was indeed a very exciting experience here. Honestly, we were not convinced in terms of services offered here in Guisi Clearwater Resort. The staff were not friendly as compared to most of the resorts we have visited. Regarding our island hopping, we were stranded for almost an hour in a big rock because our pump boat hit a rock underneath the sea as we headed to SEAFDEC. Unfortunately, we were asked to pay p700 when in fact the rate they gave us on the first day we arrived was p400. I did not have any idea if there were other charges as to why it increased that much. In addition, even if we had not finished packing our things in our room, they immediately turned off the air conditioner without informing us. Irrevocably, we love the place, the beach and the resort, but we have to admit that one factor to invite people and to keep them coming back is the people themselves in that particular area. Whether we like it or not, the customer is ALWAYS right!

More stories to tell, photos to see and experience to remember next time. Philippines is a fun country to explore! Truly, more fun in the Philippines!! God bless!


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