Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zoobic Safari, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Exploring Zoobic Safari!! 
          I joined for the second time an international conventional of metallurgical engineers held at Subic Bay Freeport Zone last October, 2011. I was so overjoyed when I met my college classmates, college professors and I even met new metallurgical engineers. Now, to cut the story short, we had our teambuilding at Zoobic Safari on our last day.
           I am going to show you loads and loads of photos of big and small animals inside the zoo. So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

zoobic safari poster

albino tiger in Zoobic Safari
A lazy albino tiger at the entrance

The first stop after the entrance was the Bird Walk. In here you will see different kinds of birds with lovely colors.
bird walk entrance in Zoobic Safari
This the first part of the tour which getting to know some of the local and wild birds inside the Bird Walk

bird in the cage in Zoobic Safarigreen parrot in Zoobic Safari

small, green parrot in Zoobic Safari

love birds in Zoobic Safari
Two camera shy, colorful cute birds

grey parrot in Zoobic Safarismall,colorful parrot in Zoobic Safari

brown owl in Zoobic Safari
A big brown owl that was wide awake..maybe because he loved attention

eating peacock in Zoobic Safariwhite bird in Zoobic Safari

Our next stop was the Bird Thrill.
bird thrill gate in Zoobic Safari

big birds in Zoobic Safari
In this picture, the visitors must be inside the cage which is ironic. However, you should not stay longer inside the cage or else you will be bathed with bird manure..eewww!

cute birds in Zoobic Safari
colorful yet very delicate

lonely bird in Zoobic Safari

Wait a minute, was this monkey caged inside the Bird Thrill?

black monkey in Zoobic Safari
Like the visitors, this small, black monkey was also curious with the people who were busy taking pictures of him and the rest of the animals

Welcome to the Rodent World. I really don't like rodents, mouse and the like. But this time, I have to say "hi" and "hello" to them, or else I can not proceed to the next part of the zoo. You will see an array of cages of different types of rodents.

white rabbits in Zoobic Safari
White rabbits

cute guinea pigs in Zoobic safari
So cute..

sleeping white mice in Zoobic safari

the deer in zoobic safari
My first time to see a real deer

white tamaraw in zoobic safari
My first time to see a real tamaraw

big deer in zoobic safaribrown-spotted deer in zoobic safari

black bears in zoobic safari
Two small, black bears
giant, blue bird in zoobic safari
A big, dangerous bird according to the zoo guide.

camels in zoobic safari
I was in awe when I saw these camels for the first time. They were really big, tall and yet gentle creatures. I even fed them with their favorite grasses..yehey!!

dwarf horses in zoobic safari
Dwarf horses

Our next stop was the Serpentarium. In here, you will see the reptiles, big and small. If you are afraid of snakes, try to like them this time.

lizards in zoobic safaripython in zoobic safari

albino python in zoobic safaribaby lizards in zoobic safari

python in zoobic safari

Friends and I were resting at the safari vehicle. This vehicle will take visitors to the deeper part of the zoo to visit park's caves and to catch sight of some animals.

safari train in zoobic safari

Our next stop was the Forbidden Cave. Inside are some of real stuffed animals and a hanging bridge.

forbidden cave gate in Zoobic safaristuffed lizard on the tree

stuffed giraffe in zoobic safari

Right after Forbidden Cave is the Zoobic Cave. There were plenty of real stuffed animals inside this cave.

zoobic cave gate in zoobic safari

stuffed lion in zoobic safari
stuffed lion in the cave

stuffed animals in the cave

stuffed baby tiger in the cave
stuffed baby tiger in the cave

stuffed cubs in the cave
stuffed cubs in the cave

stuffed bird in the cave

Welcome to Tiger Safari!! This time, we got to experience a close encounter with the jungle beasts. A local aeta was assigned to ride with us with that safari orange jeep (behind us), so he can demonstrate to us the feeding of the bengal, hungry tigers roaming around that particular area.

zoobic safari with the aeta
Our aeta guide (third from the left)

This one was waiting for us to feed him with fresh chicken meat

hungry tiger in zoobic safari
eating time..
Warning: Only the Aeta is allowed to feed the tigers!

Now, stepping in to the Close Encounter!! Everyone was quite hesitant to see these tigers and lions, except me!

lazy tiger in zoobic safari
Looking through the eyes of...this big cat

back to back with the tiger in zoobic safari
Back to back with the bengal tiger

lazy lion in zoobic safari
The king of the jungle on a pride.. metal??

irritated lioness in zoobic safari
The lioness
Our next destination was Savannah where you can see wild boars and ostriches.

ostrich and baby wild boars in savannah
An ostrich sharing his drinking water with a wild boar

the proud ostrich in zoobic safari
with beauty and pride

Animal bones and preserved skins are displayed here in the Animal MuZOOeum.

animal muzooeum in zoobic safari

animal muzzoeum in zoobic safari
This used to be a place where American Navies stored their guns and heavy weapons. Now, an Animal MuZOOeum!

This time there were no animals, just humans. Aeta's Trail showed us the lifestyle and the daily activities of the local aetas.

aetas' trail in zoobic safari

dancing aetas in zoobic safari
Everyone was gathered around together to witness the monkey dance

with the dancing aeta in zoobic safari
Me and a friend with the monkey dancer

Our last destination is the Croco Loco. Again, this is used to be the hiding place of the Navies, now converted into a Croco Cafe.

croco loco in zoobic safari
Croco Cafe
lazy, hungry crocodiles in zoobic safari
Lazy, hungry crocodiles
It was all worth with. We arrived at the zoo around 10 am and finished around 12 noon. Under the heat of the sun and dusty morning we were able to tour around the Subic's major habitats of the various exotic animals. Truly, it was fulfilling to see some of the endangered species in the planet, especially the tigers. So, let's protect them!

More fun in the Philippines! Until next time!


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