Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ruins, Lighthouses and Manggahan Festival only in Guimaras

        After a two-day vacation in Guimaras last April, 2012, our itinerary was to witness the annual Manggahan festival of the province. However, some of my friends urged us to climb up to the lighthouses nearby.
        Going up was quite tough. There is a concrete staircase which is literally broken after maybe six steps. Unfortunately, it is connected with a wooden stairs which of course very unstable and some of the steps can easily be removed because the nails are already corroded. Then it is again connected with another concrete staircase all the way up to the ruins and the lighthouses.

The photo on the left shows the way going down to the beach. The right photo shows the small resting swing located at the right side area that overlooks the shore below

lighthouses in Guimaras
These are the two lighthouses. The caretaker said there are three, but we can not find the other one. To get to the lighthouses, we need to go through the ruins. The lighthouse was built in the 18th century. I wonder if this old lighthouse could only talk, it surely has stories to tell for years. Honestly, the ruins were not being taken care of and maintained. From the design of the ruined building, you can easily conclude that this was built during the Spanish era.

ruins main gate in Guimaras
main door of the ruins in Guimaras
On the left is the main gate of the ruins. This gate leads directly to the well at the center of the yard then straight to the old lighthouse. On the right was the main door of the ruins. Behind me is the entrance of the old lighthouse.

the ruins in Guimaras
In this photo, the white and clean lighthouse is obviously the new one. It was visible from the main gate of the ruins. Shown in here are also the big windows of the building. We did not mind the heat of the sun around 1:30 pm, what matters to us this time was to see the lighthouses before we left Guimaras.

main door of the old lighthouse in Guimaras

On the left side, this photo was taken from the old well with plenty coins in it. On the right, this was taken from the main doorstep of the old lighthouse. You can see the well right in front of the main gate and the main door of the ruined building.

new lighthouses in the ruins
The new lighthouse
A closer look at the new lighthouse that was built within the ruins. It was located at the right most part of the building. Unlike the old lighthouse, it was built outside the ruined building. It was strictly forbidden to climb up this new one. Some people say that this new one is powered by solar energy.

After an hour of roaming around and taking pictures, we went back to the resort but this time we passed by a long and very dusty road towards the main gate of the resort. 

It was time to leave and witness the Manggahan Festival in Jordan.
manggahan festival in Guimaras
After almost an hour of travel by public utility jeepney, finally we reached Jordan where the festival was. The place was so busy and filled with people. Inside, we saw plenty of nipa huts and other kiosks. Most of the nipa huts were selling fresh mangoes harvested from Guimaras itself and at the same time vendors offered fresh mango shakes for refreshments that fit for the sunny afternoon. At that day, mangoes were P70.00 per kilo. People including my friends bought at least a kilo of mangoes as pasalubong for their loved ones waiting for them in Bacolod City.

manggahan festival in Guimarasmanggahan festival in Guimaras
Each huts had their own style of displaying the mangoes to attract buyers. These two photos were taken from two different huts.

manggahan festival in Guimaras
This photo is taken by Emalyn Madaiton
Another type of arrangement of the mangoes found at the other nipa hut. The local people showed their creativity on this day which I believe this was one reason why people keep on coming back to Guimaras. Aside from their impressive white sand beaches, the people of Guimaras work hand in hand for the development of the province, especially now that Guimaras is one of the famous places to spend for summer vacation.

My first time in Guimaras, and I say, this will not be my last time. Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

God bless always!


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