Monday, April 23, 2012

Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Center

           I was one of the lucky four who got the chance to go to Palawan for an official business trip last October, 2008. Well, to make the story short our last day in Palawan must be a stress- free day! Everyone agreed on that. We visited one of the famous tourist destinations which is the Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Center located at Puerto Princesa..

Palawan's largest crocodile in the museum
Shown in this photo are the skin and the skeleton of the biggest crocodile ever caught in Palawan. Palawan is famous for its crocodiles.

Inside their Conservation Centre, there are real stuffed crocodiles both big and small. They also allowed visitors to handle a baby crocodile and take a photo with it. I bet this baby crocodile is already tamed and famous around the country. Every visitors wanted to take photo of him.
Palawan Crocodile and Conservation Centre

baby crocodiles in Palawan
baby crocodiles in Palawan
In the Conservation Centre, there are some sorts of cages for baby crocodiles depending on the number of months from the day the eggs hatched.

Fearlessly, we went to the Crocolandia. Feeding the adult crocodiles and teasing  them are definitely not allowed. From the photo on the right, crocodiles were lying lazily on some dry portions and some were hiding and lying on the waters. Steel bridges were perfectly designed for the visitors to take a closer look at these reptiles. A guide also told us that these crocs have just eaten their meal...whew!! quite a relief! hehe

adult crocodiles in Palawan

After a stroll in the Crocolandia, we went to the Nature Park, of course located inside the Conservation Centre. This is where some animals commonly found in Palawan are kept and protected.

Palawan crocodile farm and conservation centre
The red cute parrot

Palawan crocodile and conservation centre
The curious ostrich. My first time to see an ostrich.

Palawan Crocodile farm and conservation centre
Ohh..the cute black bearcat was lying down near his cage. This cute animal seemed to be a free-spirited one that he just loved to do whatever he wanted and did not care about the visitors taking photos of him. Anyway, there are also other animals found in the crocodile farm. 

We have plenty of lovely creatures in the country. All they need is protection and not to be harmed. Just like us, they also have families to protect from any harm. Most of all, human beings are still the superior creatures in the planet. We have the responsibility to protect them.

Truly, more fun in the Philippines! God bless!


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