Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lalimar Beach Resort, Negros Oriental

Engineers' Teambuilding

       My colleagues and I scheduled our teambuilding at Lalimar Beach Resort, La Libertad Negros Oriental last May, 2011. Well, for me my intentions were not just to work, but an opportunity to take some photos of the resort which I honestly haven't heard of.

On our way to the south, we passed by wide hectares of sugarcanes which clearly, the farmers have to wait for few months for the milling season to come.

Good thing the weather was good, that was why I was able to capture some nice photos on our way, effortlessly.

cottage in Lalimar beach resort in Negros Occidental
This was our neighboring cottage, second on the left. Beside, is a calm, blue sea where tress in front somehow block the sun's rays on the terrace during the bright sunny lunch time.

A nice place where you can see the sea and smell the fresh air in front of our cottage. As you can see the stones are placed and arranged beautifully where you can take a walk along the shore, even without's quite a massage though.

by the sea in Lalimar Beach Resort
Hey, that's me! Just after our lunch, I took an opportunity to ask a friend to take a photo of me in front of our cottage. I was basically thinking of swimming after an hour because the water was still warm, I mean really warm that was around 12 noon to 1 pm.

big cottage in Lalimar Beach Resort in Negros Occidental
Here is the other neighboring cottage, right next to us. By looking at it, you simply want to sleep for the entire afternoon and wake up around 3 pm for the swimming session until, it really gave you a stress-free day!

 The very first thing that captured my attention was this wide pool surrounded with small and relaxing cottages. The pebbles here add refinement of the layout.

This is the infinity pool which seemed to extend to the sea. A very dramatic view that no one can resist to try the warm water under the heat of the sun. This was the real evidence of what they called - the sea meets the sky.

by the sea in Lalimar Beach Resort in Negros Occidentalby the sea in Lalimar Beach Resort in Negros OccidentalIf you want to try the salt water, just simply go down where you can enjoy the clear waters at the shore, and it is really safe..I mean, it is clean, clear, and no drop-off portion nearby.

largest cottage in Lalimar Beach Resort in Negros Occidental
This is our big, nice and beautiful cottage. After hours of road trip, instead of either getting a nap or freshen up my colleagues opted to stay at the terrace and made some chit chat about the place. Some roamed around the area while others took some photos, including me!

A very tall tree at the right side of our cottage, facing the sea. It is not just tall, it is very big that I can hardly hug it. There were no dried leaves everywhere, maybe because workers in the resort patiently gather them from time to time. On the other hand, littering was prohibited.

by the sea in Lalimar Beach Resort in Negros Occidental

Some fishermen and  their family members stayed under the tress after a long day of work. They sold most of their catch to the visitors at very low price, and kept some for lunch. 

This was one of the unforgettable and breathtaking places I have ever been. We traveled almost five (5) hours from Bacolod City to get here. Although, road trip bothered me a lot because I have motion sickness, I vomited twice on our way to the resort. Despite the inconvenience, getting there was an adventure and staying there was exceptionally breathtaking.. it was all worth it!
Indeed, there is more fun in the Philippines!

Love you guys and God bless!!


mia basilio said...

Hi! we're planning to go there at la limar beach resort. from bacolod how do you get to lalimar? which way should we take?

Anonymous said...

South terminal don salvador then san carlos after san carlos ride a bus to dumaguete. .

Anonymous said...

I like to go there,I want to know if how much is the entrance fee and other payments....coz weve planning to have a reunion togethere with my highschool classmates...

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