Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fiesta Cove, Sipalay City

Rest and Recreation at Fiesta Cove, Sipalay     

          My colleagues and I had our rest and recreation at Sipalay City, Negros Occidental last summer of 2010. Everyone was excited to go to a newly heard beach resort located in the south of the Negros province. We left early in the morning and all things were ready and intact inside the bus. As usual, you are going to see the photos that me and boyfriend took from the start of the trip down to our destination. So, buckle up and hope you will enjoy the ride!

in the bus going to Sipalay City
That's me and my boyfriend in the bus. That's my friend busy writing about something for whatever that was, we were all ready to go!

going to Sipalay City
As we reached Sipalay City, we transferred to a small pump boat because the resort is located at the next island. While under the heat of the scorching sun, we were astonished to see the excellent forms of the mountains surrounding the island.

big cross on the mountain in Sipalay City
On the very top of this mountain, a big cross was built. Unfortunately, the guide just learned that the cross is very tall, nothing else..hehe! The river connecting to the sea was very calm and green. We were in awe as we passed by this area for the reason that we never expected that there was really a place like this in the province which was obviously not yet known and familiar by many people in the region.
the river in Sipalay City
As we moved along, we witnessed the perfect creation of nature with calmness and serenity. This river led us to the resort.

Fiesta Cove Resort in Sipalay City
From afar, we can now see the island. It has white sands, radiant and without a doubt, it attracted visitors like us. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to change my clothes and plunge into the deep blue sea..

The sea in Sipalay City
..and we were almost there..

the cave in Sipalay City
On our way, we went through a cave.

twin mountains in Sipalay City
The twin mountains..

Fiesta Cove resort, Sipalay City
That's the island, and in there is the Fiesta Cove!!

by the sea view, Sipalay City
We arrived in the cottage around 1 pm. We were starving, yet we can not deflect our attention from the fascinating scenery we saw directly from the terrace.
         On the following morning, the group decided to go on island hopping. We left around 6am so we can be back to the cottage by 9 am for breakfast. We took pictures of everything we saw on that day.

giant mountain pillars in Sipalay City
A gigantic mountain supported with large pillars,and with caves

lone massive rock in Sipalay City
A lone massive rock in the middle of the sea

island hopping in Sipalay City

white sand island in Sipalay City
Another white sand island

lone giant rock in Sipalay City
Another lone giant rock

island hopping in Sipalay City

white sand island in Sipalay City
Another white sand island

island hopping
A not-so big rock near the shore

clear waters in Sipalay City
We can easily notice the rocks and the corals that are five (5) feet from the water surface

corals in Sipalay City
These corals are very harmless, that was why we warned everyone not to step on the corals because these are where the fishes kept their eggs. We even saw small fishes on the corals.

the triplets of Sipalay City
The triplets

island hopping
Another small, white sand island

cottages on the rock in Sipalay City
Isn't beautiful? Two (2) cottages built on a big rock. I wondered if there were people living there..

the rock in Sipalay City
Beautifully constructed and designed by nature

island hopping in Sipalay City
We visited another white sand island.

         On our way back to Fiesta Cove, we happened to pass by an array of mangrove trees. So, we decided to take a detour to check more on those areas, maybe because we were quite curious for some reasons.

mangrove trees in Sipalay
nicely arranged mangrove trees

mangrove trees in Sipalay
these mangrove trees were intentionally planted by the local government to preserve and protect the living creatures in the island

pump boat in the middle of mangrove trees
Well, that's the pump boat of the other group

         Back to the Fiesta Cove, I was so interested with the luxurious yet, ruined cottage at the right side area of the resort. I can say luxurious because there was a small bar in the ruined cottage. I went up to check that cottage, and to my surprise I saw hundreds of corals were used as walls on some parts of the cottage.

the stairs in Fiesta Cove

overlooking the island in Fiesta Cove
Going up to the second floor of the cottage, you can see the entire island.

          I honestly wish that these photos of mine will help you decide to visit other parts of the country, such as this. If you like to party, right after sunset the island has bands to sing your favorite songs in the bar, or you can have videoke in your cottage and sing your heart out until you drop. For laid back people, I highly recommend this place for you guys. The landscapes will surely help you unwind.

I will upload more photos next time. See you later guys! God bless!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it expensive? How much it cost for the cottage and fare from city to island?

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