Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuscana and Enzian Cottages, Artistic Diving Beach Resort and PADI Center, Sipalay City

 Summer Escapade, May 12-13, 2012

Parking space
          Everyone filed their vacation leave on May 12-13 for one specific reason, a summer outing with colleagues and friends at the Artistic Diving Beach Resort and PADI Center in Sipalay City. Although we were aware that this beach resort is the most expensive in the area compared to the neighboring beach resorts, we still managed to get the most expensive cottage within the resort..hahaha simply because most of us were so desperate for some reasons.
           We traveled almost five (5) hours from Bacolod City to Sipalay City. The weather was good, was not so hot which was good for us I think because we negotiated a non-airconditioned jeepney to take us directly to the resort. Shown on the right photo is the parking area of the resort and its main gate is on the left if this parking area.

Tuscana Cottage, Artistic Diving, Sipalay City
Toscana cottage

We reserved two (2) expensive cottages for the group. This one shown on the left is the Toscana cottage which the girls chose to stay overnight.

Inside view of Toscana cottage

On the left shows a photo of a bed for two (2), at its right is the restroom. On the right is a single bed.

Tuscana Cottage, Artistic Diving,Sipalay City
On the left photo shows the two beds are divided by a blue curtain. The glass window in front of the large gives a clearer view of the outside porch of the cottage

A table for two in front of the cottage's main door

Enzian Cottage, Artistic Diving, Sipalay City
Enzian cottage
This was our second cottage named Enzian intended for the boys. This is just at the right of Toscana cottage.

The inside view of Enzian cottage, the same with Toscana.

rattan swing at Artistic Diving Center, Sipalay City
Each of the two (2) cottages has a rattan swing in front of the porch

A mini park as I should call it right in front of Toscana cottage

As soon as we arrived, I can hardly resist to try on one of their comfortable rattan chairs at the Toscana porch. We traveled five (5) hours by land, we were all hungry, it was raining along the way, and yet everything turned out perfect when we saw just as we expected the place to be. All we can think about is fun, endless laughter, and more fun. This place was like a home away from home to me.

I will say it again, truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time guys, God bless!


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