Monday, May 7, 2012

Sta. Fe Resort, Bacolod City

                       My boyfriend and I came to Sta. Fe Resort last April 29 not to swim at any of their pools but only to take pictures as early as 6 o'clock in the morning. This is the main gate of the resort, however, I apologize I was not able to get a nice picture of the main gate because there were banners and streamers hanging above it.
Sta. Fe Gate, Bacolod City
Main gate
                        Inside the resort are not just swimming pools but there are also conference halls to hold meetings and various events.

Cactus Hall, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
Cactus Hall
The park
On the left is the Cactus Hall which you will see straight from the main gate. On the right is the park in front of Cactus Hall.

Casa Alicia, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
Casa Alicia
Oscar's Villas, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
Oscar's Villas
On the left is Casa Alicia, it is located at the right side of Cactus Hall. Oscar's Villas are composed of small cottages situated in front of Casa Alicia.

Crocodiles Haven

Crocodiles Haven, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
These two photos show the entrance of Crocodiles Haven, also one of the conference halls. The stairs shown on the left photo leads to their canteen. The Crocodiles Haven is located in front of the park shown in the photos above.

The left photo shows some of the tables, chairs and some swimmers having breakfast at that time. The right photo shows the outer view of the restaurant taken at the stairways of Crocodiles Haven.

This photo shows the private function room of the Crocodiles Haven. To the right of the Haven are stairways going down to the Safari pool and the Olympic Size swimming pool.

Right below the stairways are concrete tables and benches for swimmers and visitors. These tables are arrayed right across Safari pool.

Safari Pool

The Safari Pool has two (2) slides. Shown on the right photo is the long blue slide a.k.a. tower slide and the crocodile slide.

On the left a larger shot of the crocodile slide, and on the right is the giant giraffe on the other side of the pool.

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
This shot was taken from the inside of Crocodile Haven.  Shown here is a statue of a baby elephant at the right corner of the pool's main entrance.

Kiddie Pool, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
Kiddie Pool, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
The Kiddie Pool with a giant elephant slide at the left corner of the main entrance.

 Olympic Pool

This path is leading to the Olympic Pool where most of the athletes and swimmers go as early as 5 o'clock in the morning to practice months before competitions. In addition, this is the only Olympic-sized pool in the province, that's why most of the competitions are usually held here in Sta. Fe.

Olympic pool, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
The Olympic Pool
It was almost 8 o'clock in the morning when we finished taking photos of the three pools in the resort, and people were eventually arriving in the resort. So, we decided to roam around the cottages to get more photos of some of the recreational facilities of the resort.

From the Safari Pool, we passed by small cottages on our way out. Shown in the photo, at the left side is the back portion of the elephant slide in the Kiddie pool, and at the right are small cottages.

That's me! In front of that lady statue is the main entrance of the Kiddie pool.

As we approached the exit, we passed by a small cottage and a conference hall (I guess) near a gazebo.


I think this is a small park facing the gazebo. There were also wooden benches, I believe this is designed to be a small playground for the kids.

This is the Funpark. Unfortunately, we were not able to get photos of what's inside the park because it was still closed at that time. Although, we knew there are exotic animals and birds kept inside the park and obviously a playground for kids.

At the right corner of the Funpark are these buildings. I guess, these are some of the buildings intended for visitors who wish to stay overnight or longer in the resort.

Virginia Hall, Sta. Fe, Bacolod City
Virginia Hall
At the right side of the main entrance is the Virginia Hall. Unlike the other conference halls, this one is a non-air conditioned hall.

Sta. Fe is one of the famous resorts in Bacolod City. Aside from the pools, halls and park, they also have other facilities such as Volleyball court, Basketball court, Billiards, Table tennis, and the most famous of this is the Shooting range. The resort is very affordable for family gatherings and picnics. I can say, you do not need to go out of town to spend summer vacations with family members and friends. Bring them here, Sta. Fe has it all!
Only in Bacolod City, truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


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