Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hotel at Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center

Rafael Salas Mountain resort              Thank goodness, we arrived at the park! The weather was good, and after almost two (2) hours of travel, we had nothing else in mind except, breakfast. I was really hungry although I ate french fries and a burger before we left. There were about 25 participants and facilitators who were invited to join the three (3)-day research workshop held at Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center.
                   A big plaque posted across the hotel honoring the Boy Scouts of the Philippines Negros Occidental Council and all boy scouters who attended the Jamborette held here in the park last year. This wooden frame where the plaque was attached is fixed within the row of white calla lilies. Shown in the photo below are the stairs, left of the plaque going up to the monument of the notable Rafael Salas.

Rafael Salas Mountain resort
The stairs in between the white calla lilies leads to the monument of Mr. Rafael Salas

              These are the stairs from the hotel's main door going up the park's high way. These stairs also are in between the white calla lilies. Shown on the photo is the plaque fixed at the right side of these stairs. Across the high way is the monument.

Rafael Salas Mountain resort
The monument

Rafael Salas Mountain resort
                   This is the one and only hotel within the park. It has air conditioned and non-air conditioned rooms, each with restrooms and shower. I think the air-conditioner may not be necessary since it is already cold up here.
luncn time at rafael SalasThis is the lobby right in front of the hotels' main door. This was where we ate our meals and also this was a good venue for us to write our proposals.

luncn time at Rafael Salas
Lining up for lunch

work time at Rafael Salas
After a whole day of lecture, most of us preferred to start working on our write ups in the lobby than in the conference room. I liked the fresh and cold air in here and we had the whole table for our group to work on.

The view from the lobby overlooking the entire city including Bacolod City

The fog started to come down around four (4) in the afternoon

Rafael Salas Mountain resort
Just like us, our colleagues were also busy writing and contributing some information in relation to their topic. On the left is a small alley going to the conference room and a big non-air conditioned room which can accommodate more or less 10 persons. This was where our guys stayed for three (3) days and two (2) nights. On the right is a staircase going down to the kitchen, small private rooms and a big non-air conditioned room.
Rafael Salas Mountain resort
The conference room
This was our room, the ladies' room. This big non-air conditioned room can accommodate more or less 20 people. When we arrived, there were some food residues left uncleaned at the corner of my bed. There are three (3) cubicles and two (2) toilet bowls in the restroom. However, the flow of water was very small to the point that we could not use the shower. Good thing there was a faucet, two (2) available pails and three (3) dippers set ready for our bath. In addition, the water flowing from the faucet in the lavatory was very very slow. For me,  these problem in the facility made me very uncomfortable.

                   When it started getting dark, insects of different species, sizes and colors started to come inside the lobby. They were busy flying and hovering above us. It was kind of distracting for me because they landed anywhere on me and, insects are not my friends. I even got irritated when they landed on my plate while having dinner. One thing is lacking here is a net or a big screen to be put around the lobby just to prevent those insects from getting inside.

This yellow insect I guess wanted to participate our discussion

sunset in Rafael Salas         Well, I was hoping to catch a beautiful and dramatic scene of sunset, unfortunately, I was not able to. It was a rainy afternoon, although the rain had stopped, yet it was too cloudy to capture the setting sun.
          My experience here was an adventure. I never expected to encounter some problems in the restrooms especially within the recreational area. Besides, the staff here must have been aware of the intrusions of the insects at dusk, and should have already prevented them from trespassing before we came. I hope they considered the problems we presented to them during our stay. It was my first time in Guintubdan, and I'm certain that this won't be my last. There are more resorts to visit here and I hope by that time, Rafael Salas Hotel will have already acquired the best facilities to bring in more visitors from all over the region. 

More pictures to share and stories to confess next time!

Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


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Can i ask how much is the room rates? And my contact # po kau for reservation?

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