Wednesday, June 27, 2012

East Block Veranda, Bacolod City

east block veranda
              A new place to hang out with friends and barkadas in Bacolod City is the East Block Veranda. We tried to have an early light meal here in the late afternoon prior to attending an important event held inside the East Block building. We were quite curious of this place maybe because mostly young adults and professionals come here. I guess it must be the place, or the food, or it could be both. When we got there, there were families taking some afternoon snacks and some were having their beers already.
              Now it is time for us to look for food and we have plenty to choose from. While still searching for the best meal, I also took the chance to take pictures inside Veranda.
east block veranda
Tables and chair
Although the place is non air-conditioned, it is still comfortable because of the open space.  The photo on the right shows the wooden tables and the steel chairs which blend with the metallic structure of the building.  Based on the view in the photo to the right is Circumferential Road, a national highway, and straight ahead is the Panasiatic Solutions building which also provides some of the Veranda's customers. No doubt that this place is always full of people even late at night.

a small fountain at the center
The array of food stalls inside Veranda

                        These are the food stalls inside the Veranda and are aligned from the entrance all the way to the the other end. Almost all of them serve hard liquor and beers which perfectly match the meals and goodies they serve such as rice toppings, rice meals, burgers, grilled foods, barbecues, noodles and some Korean foods.
east  block veranda

east  block veranda

east  block veranda

east  block veranda

                After 10 minutes of waiting, finally our foods were delivered to our table. My boyfriend got himself some Korean food, delicious Kimbap from Ko-Phil with ice cold Mountain Dew. I tried beef shawarma from Kulas which is quite unique from all the shawarmas I have tried before. It is served with rice, fresh cucumber, beef covered with garlic sauce served on a hot plate.

east  block veranda
Kimbap from Ko-Phil

east  block veranda
Beef shawarma from Kulas
                       We left with full stomachs and smiles on our face. We had a good meal at a very reasonable cost. We plan to try the foods of Food Trip here soon because they have plenty of delicious foods on their menu, plus it is owned and managed by a good friend of mine.
                            More pictures to share and stories to confess next time!

                            Truly, more fun in the Philippines! Until next time, God bless!


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