Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Hotel: Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

The Hotel

                After taking pictures of the animals and vegetables at each side of the main walkway from the entrance, we followed the path turning right going up the restaurant (shown in the photo) because we were so hungry that we could eat a cow. From a distance, we can see the restaurant that is built at the top of the rise overlooking the farm animals. At the right side of the walkway are the plants, and at the left side is where we saw the Bahay Kubo described in the previous post.
These plants are growing at the right side of the main walkway going up to the restaurant

restaurant on the hill at Garin farm
The restaurant as seen while going up the main walkway

At the very front of the restaurant is the main entrance of the Pilgrimage with two (2) fish ponds at the center of the walkway. The white building at the far end is the hotel.
Ok, it's brunch time for us. We ordered almost all of the fresh vegetables salads and ensaladas  and some of their main entrees listed in their menu.

hotel on the hill at garin farm
               While waiting for our brunch to be served within 20 minutes, we went out to take a few pictures from the restaurant's balcony. Shown in this photo is the hotel on top of the rise which overlooks the gazebo and the two (2) swimming pools, the children's and the adult's pool.

hotel room at Garin farm
Inside the room
       This is the twin room worth P2500, air-conditioned with flat TV and bathroom. Although the TV was connected to the cable, but we only had five (5) channels to choose from which included National Geographic and Star TV. Obviously, it is well-maintained and it has cabinets at the right side. If you wish to have your foods delivered from their restaurant, the management charges 20% of the total food cost which was basically good.
hotel room at garin farm

Garin farm

This is the bathroom with very comfortable diamond shower enclosure equipped with hot and cold shower. The lavatory is located at the right side of the shower room. Towels, shampoo and soaps were readily provided. It is cozy, nice and very neat. What I like most in their bathroom is that it has a mini-shower sprayer attached to the toilet bowl which is not commonly available in all hotels. I'd rather use this sprayer than consuming plenty of tissue papers.

This is the outside view of the room overlooking the gazebo, the wide pond, the two swimming pools and the restaurant. You can also catch a view of anyone using the zip line from one end to another and vice versa.

The small pond which can be seen at the left side window

                    This is the giant cross of the Pilgrimage that can be seen from the doorstep of the room. The roof you see in this photo is a small building with rooms situated on higher ground.
                Now it's time for us to wander about, take some still photos,  use the facilities such as zip line, kayak, puddle boat, visit the pilgrimage and then submerge ourselves in the pool.
                   'Twas another fun summer at Iloilo particularly in the farm. Who would expect to have a fun summer plunge  within a farm? Well, you can find it only in the Philippines!

Truly more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


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