Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Farm: Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

Garin Farm main gate
The Farm                  
             Garin Farm is widely known for its home grown fowls, farm animals, and as well as a recreational park in Iloilo. These are some of the reasons why we were so determined to visit Garin Farm despite the fact that none of us had ever been to this place. We arrived at Iloilo City early in the morning, then we immediately went to the Robinson's mall near the San Joaquin terminal so we can have our breakfast first. Unfortunately, no fast food restaurants were open yet at the time, so we opted to buy some peanuts and butterscotch to fill out our empty stomach.
Garin Farm main alley
Finally, after almost two (2) hours of travel from Iloilo City we arrived at the gate of Garin Farm. We payed the entrance fee of  P150.00 each and we could not wait to see what's within the farm.
                This is what we saw right at the entrance. The vines and some vegetables are planted in the big green pots at each side. The vines shade the pathways as shown in the photos.

hanging vegatables of Garin Farm

In these photos the vegetables such as Upo and the squash are dominant here add style and good looks to the pathways.

recycled tin cans at Garin farm

              The management of Garin Farm is reusing metal cans by making them as their water sprinklers for pots where some of the vines are planted. Each pot has two (2) metal cans.

On the left side of the entrance:

             We were not only amazed by the hanging vegetables on the main aisle, the farm is also growing plants and vegetables with the use of other methods.   

hydrophonics of Garin farm
Hydrophonics, a technique of growing plants using mineral solutions in water, without soil

The output of vermiculture will be utilized as fertilizers

poultry house of Garin farm
There are a number of poultry houses at the left side of the main aisle

On the right side of the entrance:

                 There are a number fowl cages and some animal cages that can be seen clearly from the main entrance.
white american pigeon of Garin farm
White American Pigeon

          This Urban Farming Agriculture is among the animal cages at the right side of the pathway. I was not able to get nearer to this area, however, I guess the plants here are planted and grown in the used tires as shown in the photo.

Guinea Fowls

turkey of Garin farm

brown meat chicken of Garin farm
Brown Meat Chicken

Layer Black Chicken

layer brown chicken of Garin farm
Layer Brown Chicken

layer white chicken of garin farm
Layer White

Peking Duck


Native Chicken

sheep in the farm


This statue of San Pedro Labrador is fixed among the cages of the fowls, at the right side of the aisle

This statue is positioned at the left side of the main aisle, and is facing towards the direction of the farm's restaurant

                 As we moved up towards the restaurant, we came across this cute and nice nipa hut, or locally known as Bahay Kubo. I noticed that most of the vegetables are planted and grown here, including those types which I have not known  and seen yet.

bahay kubo in the farm

Bahay Kubo

hanging vegetables in the farm
                 Half the trip was an adventure, and the other half was fun. Honestly, our trip here was basically unplanned. Despite the bad weather, we were able to roam around and capture almost everything in the farm. The feeling was incredibly fascinating when surrounded with farm animals, plants and vegetables. The reasons why I love to stay in the farm are: firstly, here you can have fresh air far from the polluted city. Secondly, you can only hear the sound of the farm animals, and lastly, no noise pollution except by children playing and having fun.
Watch out for the upcoming articles talking about the facilities of Garin Farm.

More pictures to share and stories to tell next time!

Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!



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