Monday, June 11, 2012

Pilgrimage: Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

pilgrimage of Garin farm    The Pilgrimage

             The Pilgrimage in Garin was one of the main reasons why I was so willing to visit the Garin Farm just for a day. When I saw the big white cross that is firmly standing on top of the rise, I assured myself that I will climb up to the church of the Pilgrimage which stands at the base of the big cross before the day ends.
            This photo was taken from the balcony of the restaurant. While waiting for our brunch to be served within 20 minutes, I took the opportunity to view the omnipotent symbol across the balcony. I was a bit tired from taking pictures in the farm, so the thought of climbing the Pilgrimage will probably start after lunch. Our itinerary was readily arranged and systematic so we could use most of the park's facilities before sunset.

pilgrimage of Garin farm
At the main entrance of the Pilgrimage
The Mini Park

noah's ark at Garin farm

This is the mini park at the foot hill of the Pilgrimage settled at the left side of the main entrance. There are statues of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, some of the animals coming out from the ark, Noah himself, the 10 commandments written on a concrete tablet and Moses.
noah's ark at Garin farm
Shown here is the right side view of the ark, with Noah standing at the upper right portion

adam and eve at Garin farm
The first couple in the Biblical history, Adam and Eve

noah's ark at Garin farm
Me standing at the parade of a few pairs of animals coming out from the ark

Moses at Garin farm
ten commandments tablet at Garin farm
This is Moses looking up and standing at the right side of the stairs. He is showing the tablets of the ten commandments of God. The giant tablet shown on the right is fixed right below the statue of Moses.


The Pilgrimage through the significant events of the life of Jesus Christ

nativity at Garin farm
                    Twenty steps I guess from the foot of the hill is the birth scene of our Savior inculcated at the right side of the stairs. We were surprised to see this because we actually expected nothing but the giant cross and the church in this Pilgrimage. Because of this we presumed that there will be more statues of Christ's significant occurrences built on each side of the staircases before we get to the cross.

The life size statues of the Holy Family and the three magi in the stable

One of the magi surrounded with three camels at the right side corner of the stable

                   Another 20 steps I guess to the top from the Nativity scene is the baptism of Christ. This one is settled at the left side of the staircases.
baptism of Christ at Garin farm
Christ baptized by His cousin, John

triumphant entry of Christ at Garin farm

Another 20 steps and we saw the statues of Christ and some Hebrews announcing the triumphant entry of Christ to Jerusalem settled at the right side of the staircases. At this time, we were feeling tired, but we decided to go on hoping we could reach the cross and the church before dusk. So, we had to double time.

triumphant entry of Christ at Garin farm
The triumphant entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem

the last supper at Garin farm
We took more steps up and we saw the Last Supper at the left side of the staircases

We took another 20 steps up and we noticed the some statues regarding Christ's agony in the garden at the right side of the staircases. In here we saw Jesus praying while the three apostles were sleeping. This time undeniably we felt our muscles burning, but we told ourselves to get going because we were almost there...and it's getting dark.

agony in the garden at Garin farm
The agony in the garden

Scourging at the pillar, fixed at the left side of the staircases

              We took 20 more steps going up and at the left side of the staircases is the crucifixion. We saw two guards standing firmly at each side of the pathway. So, we followed the pathway anticipating to see the statues of the crucifixion.

The crucifixion of Christ with the two thieves by his side

crucifixion of Christ at Garin farm
A closer view of Christ

pilgrimage at Garin farm

       This time we were taking deep breaths! This photo was taken from the crucifixion area where the two guards are. We were almost there, maybe 50 more steps to go. However, our muscles were already burning and we were truly tired. From here, we just took a photo of the giant white cross and the church. The yellow light shown in the photo was emanating from the Sacred Heart statue of Jesus. I presumed the statue is also life size because I can see it clear enough from a distance. We stood here for ten minutes to save more energy and hoping we could reach the top of the Pilgrimage. Unfortunately, we surrendered. I knew God understood why we turned around and went down.

                This is the lower view we got from where we stopped. On our right is the crucifixion, the last important event of Jesus' life which we observed here. I believe there are more statues ahead before reaching the cross. Shown in the photo is the restaurant down below. 
                  We stayed here for another 10 minutes to garner more energy before going down and exit the Pilgrimage. 
the giant cross at Garin farm
The giant cross with the yellow, bright light
It was already 6 o'clock when we exited the Pilgrimage. Obviously no more time for us to use the zip line, kayak, paddle boat, horse back riding, etc. Well, it rained heavily right after lunch so our itinerary was totally destroyed. Of course we did not want to leave without visiting the Pilgrimage, at least. So we waited around 5 o'clock 'til the rain stopped, and we took photos as fast as we could. I told myself, I must visit this place again so I can use the rest of the park's facilities. This was an unplanned adventure, but it was all worth it!

Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


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