Friday, June 22, 2012

The Recreational Park: Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

the white gazebo in the middle of the man made pondThe Park

             Here is the white gazebo located in the middle of the pond. Although some areas surrounding the gazebo are still under construction, the view was still awesome. The water was clean, and the pond is surrounded with a thin layer of water lilies. Shown in the photo is a formation of water lilies in front of the gazebo.

Shown in the photo below is the price list of the services taped on one of the main posts inside the restaurant.
recreational park

Available Rides:
Golf cart rides:
Gate to PavilionP60.00
Pavilion to CrossP90.00
Cross to PavilionP60.00
Pavilion to GateP60.00
Water BikeP50.00
Kayak (single)P40.00
Kayak (for 2)P90.00
Pedal (for 2)P40.00
Rubber boat (for 4)P120.00
Other Amenities:
Swimming poolP80.00
Horse back ridingP60.00
Goat Cart rideP30.00
Scooter (for 5 min)P30.00
wooden zip line platform
Zip line platform

               This is the zip line platform framed at the right side corner facing the main entrance of the restaurant. Every thrill-seeker individual is required to put on all the necessary gears and harnesses at the ground level before going up to the platform.

The pools

white gazebo in the pond
             These are the pools, the adult's and the children's pools. The smaller one is the children's pool which is approximately 2-3 feet deep while the adult's pool is approximately 4-5 feet deep. They clean the pools every morning. The swimmers or anyone who desire to use the pool are instructed to leave their slippers at the small entrance gate of the pool. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding area of the pools. Shown in the photo below are the artificial waterfalls coming out through the red bricks above the adults' pool.

swimming pools in the farm
  The horses

horse back riding in the farm

          Its grazing time for the horses. They were grazing grasses at the left side of the restaurant, and some were fed at the grassy area near the hotel. Some are old and some are young horses. They seemed to be very friendly and are used to meet people, and were not camera.

horse back riding in the farm

horse back riding in the farm
The pond
white gazebo in the pond

             Most of the people who came here for a vacation patiently waited for the rain to slow down so they could use the facilities especially the kayak, single boat, paddle boat, etc. After few hours, our prayers were heard because the rain finally stopped. People grabbed their own choice of facilities to utilize. I noticed, this day the double boat was more in demand compared to the rest.

white gazebo in the pond

behind me is the pedal boat

Shown on the left photo is a unique concrete  table with a small bench on the side as a simple accessory at the side of the pond. Finally, I went up the metal bridge that connects to the gazebo just to be curious of what's in the small park surrounding the gazebo. However, the gazebo area is still under construction so I decided to stay on the bridge for awhile and head back to the restaurant.

golf cart in the farm
                   Their golf carts are parked in front of the restaurant. It has other functions other than rides around the park. This is also utilized to deliver guests to their respective rooms especially those who are not bringing with them private vehicles.
                      I promised myself to come back here just to utilize all the park's amenities. Horse back riding, zip line and the pedal boats are the most exciting activities for me and the main reasons for me to return soon.
                       More stories to confess and pictures to share next time!

Truly, more fun in the Philippines!
Until next time, God bless!


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