Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SEAFDEC Marine Reserves, Guimaras

fingerlings outside seafdec
We visited SEAFDEC Marine Reserves in Brgy. Igang, Guimaras last April, 2012. While island hopping in Guimaras, we stopped by SEAFDEC to visit the area and as well as to buy fresh fish for lunch. While busy taking pictures, I noticed there were fingerlings outside the cages. There are several types of fish that are grown within the marine reserve. These fingerlings shown at the right were attracted to the net cages because of the food fed to the fish inside.
Seafdec in Guimaras
Shown at the left was the Marine Station painted in pink. This is the docking area of the pump boats. There were a number of visitors when we arrived. Some were busy buying fish, while some busy wandering around to see the different breeds of fish. 
Seafdec cottages in GuimarasSeafdec cottages in GuimarasSeafdec cottages in Guimaras

The cottages shown in the three (3) photos above are situated across the pink marine station. The bridge shown here is continuously connected directly to the cottages shown at the right.

fish cages in Seafdec
Here are my friends busy watching the fish inside the cages. As you can see, the pathway made from bamboo are attached and placed on top of the empty barrels to cause the pathways to float. You better watch your step and be warned that there are no railways at the right side.

lion fish in the cage in Seafdec
biggest Lapu-lapu in Seafdec
These fish are found in the same net cage. On the left is the lion fish simply resting at the side of the net,  while on the right, is the biggest Lapu-Lapu fish in the country, which weighs 180 kilograms.

fish cages in Seafdec
These are the cages at the right portion of the SEAFDEC. Similar to the other cages, the bamboo pathways are also supported by empty barrels.

Seafdec island hopping
My friends looking over the pompano fish inside the net cage

We bought the four-kilo pompano for lunch

Seafdec in Guimaras
It was my first time to be at SEAFDEC, this is the breeding ground for various fish. Our visit here was just part of the island hopping. Fortunately, by simply watching over the various fish and the largest Lapu-Lapu was even more interesting than visiting many small islands in the province. The entire reserve alone was already worth visiting in Guimaras.

See? We all have reasons to visit every island in the Philippines! Truly, more fun in the Philippines!

Until next time, God bless!


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